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Alex's love for the sea originated on the small island of San Andres off the Caribbean coast of Colombia, South America where he grew up. His father, a once nationally ranked windsurfer, introduced him to the ocean weeks after birth and raised him with a passion for all activities involving the salt water. When he wasn't in school he could be found spearfishing, windsurfing, or hitching rides to outer keys with the local pescadores. As a young man his family moved to the US but unfortunately for Alex he wasn't near the coast. Always seeking a silver lining, he embraced the land-locked lifestyle and became an excellent snowboarder and bmx/mountain biker amongst many other active hobbies. Fortunately for him, in time they decided to call Wrightsville Beach, NC home where surfing, diving and windsurfing soon reclaimed Alex's free time.  Now Alex spends the winters in Rincon, Puerto Rico carrying on the waterman lifestyle and enjoying all the activities this beautiful island offers.
Alex completed the Freediving Instructors International Level II certification course with multiple world record holder Martin Stepanek 10 years ago, an experience that would shape his life forever. Not only did he unlock his superior freediving abilities and establish life-long friendships, he gained an inside insight to the industry which ultimately opened many doors for his future. Aside from his partnership interests in the IN-SEA empire, Alex is a renown freediving instructor. He hosts certification classes around the world including Level I Freediver, Waterman Survival and Basic Freediver Safety amongst others.
Alex holds a degree in Engineering from NC State University and is a certified Professional Engineer, a career he recently gave up to pursue his passion for the ocean. When he is not teaching on the water, pushing his depth envelope or hunting for dinner you will find him training for one of the many bike, swim, triathlon and/or run events he successfully races during the year. In 2016 Alex won the southeast region for Xterra off road racing and qualified for Xterra World Championships after taking the overall podium spot in the Panther Creek, TN event and making several podium appearances through the season.